Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Boy Fashion

Johnny and I made some plans to meet up with a buddy of his for dinner. That un-intentionally became a boys night plus me. 4 men and me which meant lots of sentimental moments and ball grabbing. I tell you, when boys are alone together they are a lot more emotional with each other and just as physically brutal. I didn't mind. I love hanging out with Johnny's friends, and through the years they have become some of my closest non-brothers. They didn't notice my expensive boots, or my thrifted shrug. I didn't mind that either.

Cream Shrug: thrifted via Goodwill $3
Gray Shirt: Target $4
Jeans: Pacsun $20
Boots: Frye gifted from Johnny
Scarf: Target $5
Belt: Walmart (?) bought years ago for an old work uniform