Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Meet the Collection

Meet the Collection: The Romantics
Brand: Predictions
Purchased: Fall 2009 at Payless Shoes
Cost: $5

I never had much of an desire for a pair of white shoes until I kept seeing them on other beautiful bloggers. This style just always looked so dainty, and soft. From there I was convinced and I kept my eyes open for my own perfect pair. I wandered into my local Payless during a BOGO1/2 sale a number of months ago, and saw this pair sitting on the rack, already on clearance. These shoes are not just Romantic because they are the perfect shade of off white, but because they are light. The material is thin which makes these shoes easy to wear. These shoes have spent many a day with me at the office, and have spent some time at a funeral, but I can't wait for the day where these Romantic shoes and I can enjoy a walk in a field of sunflowers. The perfect afternoon date shoe.

Meet the Collection: The Snotty Secretary
Brand: Charlotte Russe
Purchased: Years ago at Charlotte Russe
This shoes found their way into my closet years ago at the un-intentional start of my collection. I've always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with pointy shoes. My feet are already so long, and many companies make this style extra pointy adding length to my tootsies that just isn't needed. I love the wool like material of these shoes, and that awesome pattern so I just couldn't say no. I've worn these out to late night parties, and they have attended many a weekend gathering, but to me these shoes seem best fit in a waiting room with a pencil skirt wearing secretary, slightly peeking out from under the desk. These are the shoes that march into the middle of meetings and announce that an important call has come through. These are the shoes that venture down the halls alerting everyone of their ' working with those in the position of power' authority. These are the perfect dressy fall-time shoe.

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Pamela said...

The payless shoes look like the Juliets from J.Crew! Fab!