Friday, January 29, 2010


Lately work has been dragging me down. By the time I get home I'm feeling exhausted and over-worked. My immune system seems to be working on over time recently which is my likely the cause of my sudden lack of energy. I just didn't realize how serious this may be until I load these pictures. The last few outfit posts I just look sickly, but really it's just stress showing through. I need to up my vitamin intake, get more sleep and smile in photos more! In an effort to help get through the winter, I'm working on simplifying my life. I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be, and sometimes picking my outfits is no different. I often consider adding layers, and colors and piling on different accessories. I've decided that maybe I will be more happier with my outfits if I start to keep them simpler. This was my first attempt and I adore this outfit.
Of course I was so excited to rush home and photograph this look, and two photos in my battery dies, no detail photos or smiling faces to be found. The idea behind this outfit was simplicity and with just a shirt and a skirt I was able to achieve it. I received this shirt as a Christmas gift. It's an attached tank top and shirt that at first I wasn't sure how to wear. I decided to mix it with this belt. Surprisingly the shirt is olive green, and there is no green in the skirt. There is also no yellow. A muted shirt, paired with a neutral pattern skirt, add a black belt and black tights, and some shoes for a pop of color. A perfectly simple look.
Shirt: Christmas Gift
Skirt: thrifted via Goodwill $3
Belt: Charlotte Russe $4
Black Tights: Kohls $4
Heels: Target $5

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ShyGirl said...

This outfit is gorgeous! I can't believe that skirt was $3! What a a great find