Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

This Thrifty Thursday is all about the blazer. I scored this blazer at a local Goodwill for $5 and I was a very happy camper. It's from H&M and it fits perfectly. I was excited to rush home and try it out with lots of combinations, but am sad to report that I have had a very hard time with it. It hits right at my hips, which I love because most blazers aren't long enough. It's also the perfect color of tan which I appreciate, but for some reason the boxy shape of the blazer works against me instead of with me.
I've never talked about my collection of Seven Jeans before, but I consider these some of my best thrifts ever. I used to work at a retail store that sold the best denim. ( Weathervane which than became Urban Behavior) They sold jeans for both tall and extra tall sizes and they prices were always reasonable. Thanks to them my closet was full of great jean options, until they started to fade years after they were purchased. Johnny used to tell me that I needed to invest some money into Seven Jeans which I was admittedly against. After so many years of buying jeans for $20 I couldn't imagine having to spend over $100. For Christmas one year he bought me a pair to prove me wrong, and I was hooked. Even still, I was not a happy camper about spending the money. Later on a trip to Boston, I convinced him to trek into Marshall's with me. I am a big fan of the Marshall's in my town so the city one was sure to be full of treasures. There in the front of the woman's section were rows and rows of Brand New Seven Jeans all marked $20. Not thrifted per-say, but a great discount at an unexpected location.Two pairs later I was leaving the store a very happy woman.
I wanted to take some different pictures displaying the blazer but than craziness ensued. Let me explain...

"'ll try throwing the blazer over my shoulder. Oh crap, I'm going to sneeze."

" Maybe that picture won't be so bad. I'll put the jacket back on. Man my eyes are watering bad after that one."

" Here I"ll quick tie it around my waist. Make a funny face Kayla, than people won't notice the tears from the tickle still in your nose."

Photo Fail.

In the summer months I find myself pulled towards pointy toes, but in the winter I perfect my edges soft. I love these shoes, but find them hard to wear with the snow. My simple solution always is to throw on a pair of trouser socks. They are light-weight so you can still fit into your shoes and comes in great skin-tone colors. To add a little fun and help the shoes stand out I wore my dark brown socks. These were found at Goodwill for $10, and still had their Target price tags on them. A perfect pair of basic shoes.
Blazer: H&M via Goodwill $5
Blouse: Charlotte Russe $4
Jeans: Seven via Marshall's $20
Trouser Socks: Walmart Pack of 3 $5
Heels: Target via Goodwill $10

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Leproust Vintage said...

Goodwill blazer scores are amazing aren't they?! I look every time I go for a new one, but I haven't had any luck lately!