Monday, January 25, 2010

That thing you do

Johnny called me on my way home from work last week and asked how I felt about getting dressed up and heading downtown for a fancy dinner. I love any excuse to get dressed up, so of course my answer was yes, until I hung up the phone and realized I had no idea what to wear. I'm finding that my closet has left me in a bit of a box. Lots of skirts, but few dresses which means a small selection of fancy items, and lots of shirts which means a small selection of 'bar appropriate' options. I was determined to find something, and had about 15 minutes to make it work. As I flipped through my dress options I flew right by this dress, a Halloween costume from 2 years ago. I purchased this dress for $4 when Johnny and I went dressed as Jackie-o and JFK. This light blue dress has a black sequin collar and a matching stripe of sequins that goes from the collar to just below the boobs. It has been a full 2 years since I last took the dress out of my closet, so I thought I'd try it on. The dress is still a bit big, as I remembered but a belt helped solve that problem. The dress is sleeveless so I also added a small cardigan to add warmth.
The perfect outfit. Johnny announced that he loved this dress when he walked in, and a woman in the ladies room told me she liked my 'whole ensemble'. Most importantly I was comfortable all through-out dinner. Plus with a sequin collar, no necklace needed. I'm not sure if this dress is vintage, or if it was a costume as it has no tags, but it is made impeccably. I will pretend that it wasn't made by a talented seamstress mother for her daughters high school production, and instead worn by a perfectly dressed mother in the 1950's who wore her hair with a curl and vacuumed in pearls. Whatever the story behind this dress may be, this dress will now begin it's next chapter as the perfect fancy night option.
Dress: Thrifted $4 October 2008
Cardigan: came with a tank top Weathervane $5
Black Tights: Kohls $4
Peep Toe Heels: Charlotte Russe $20
'Pearl' Bracelets: Dollar Store $2

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