Monday, January 18, 2010

Sassy Suit

When I first saw this top sitting on a Clearance Rack at Walmart, one thing ran through my mind ' Blair Waldorf'. Well that and ' Jeesh this is a great material'. Need I think more? The material is a silky fabric that hangs off my body in a perfect fashion. It doesn't cling all weird but it doesn't fall like a tent. I don't wear suits to work, but sometimes I like to play on the concept using monochromatic colors. Sure this shirt is blue and white, but who ever said that blue and black can't work together? Besides, I wanted a completely neutral pallet so the ruffles on the shirt could really flow free.
Black Cardigan: old and on it's last leg
Shirt: Walmart $5
Short Sleeve Black Shirt Under: Target $4
Pants: even older than the cardigan
Flats: Walmart $5

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