Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chunky Goodness

These photos do not do this amazing sweater justice. I should mention that I wore this outfit to work, and than rushed home with 5 minutes to take photos, grab a gift bag, change and jump in the car at which point we would still be running late. If time had allotted I would have gotten some detail photos that really got to show this sweater off, but for now these will have to do.
Johnny's mother gifted me this sweater a few weeks back. I have been trying to work this into an outfit since than. She only buys clothes that she loves, so for her to give this to small for her item to me means it holds a special place in my closet. This sweater is thick, and it hangs like a wrap cardigan. I adore how this sweater feels like a blanket, and I wanted to emphasize that feeling by belting it. These photos also don't show the rest of my outfit well, probably because of color choice. I decided to pair a simple black shirt with black skirt and tights, added black boots and let the sweater do all of the talking for this outfit. This was the perfect, busy, cold work day outfit.
Short Sleeve Black Shirt: Target $4
Sweater: Eileen Fisher gift from Johnny's Mother
Skirt: Salvation Army $4
Leggings: Target $5
Boots: Target $35
Bracelet: Lia Sophia $20

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Tina said...

I love the sweater and love how you belted it.