Monday, January 18, 2010

Must Have Monday

I am on the Payless mailing list, and When I got their email today which announced their BOGO1/2 sale, I couldn't help but to announce out-loud, " Okay Payless, Show me what you got". Payless' famous BOGO sale is most of the reason why my Shoe Collection currently tips over 100 pairs of shoes. The rest of the reason is because I love shoes and can't say no, but that's a story for a different day. A few weeks ago, Payless sent me a coupon that expired yesterday, and so with their BOGO1/2 sale starting today I got the subliminal message, New styles are in! This also means that this is a great week to head to your nearest Payless because with all of their new styles in, they will discount their old styles. Include the BOGO1/2 discount and the discounted prices and you can start to understand how my shoe closet got so large. I wasn't happy with what Payless has been putting out the last few months so I was hoping they would shock me today. According to their website, I will be pleasently surprised for the Spring Styles to keep coming.

These shoes are high. These shoes are fierce. Need I say more? They retail for $26.99 according to the website.
I have a number of sneakers but I can't help but to feel lately as though it's time to throw most of them out and get one great pair. These converse look-a likes could very well be them. Versatile to work with most wardrobes and cute as can be. Plus they are on sale for an amazing $10.99.

That was of course until I saw these amazing shoes. They are only available online, but what a great option! These are true canvas kicks, which means comfortable as can be. They retail for $14.99 and look like they are worth every penny.

I wore my teal wedges from Payless last summer through most of the season. They were unbelievably comfortable and added that perfect amount of sass to any outfit. Here is their approach on this seasons wedge. Almost identical to mine now, but with a bow. And I love bows. I also love the $24.99 price tag.

I don't own many tan shoes, though I can't help but feel as though it may be the perfect spring tone. This cool cut-out shoe is perfect for the seasonal change and perfect for showing off your newly polished and ready to come out toes. They retail for $24.99.

Anybody else find some great deals thanks to Payless' annual Bogo1/2 sale??

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