Friday, January 22, 2010

New Feature: Meet the Collection!

Welcome to my new blog feature: Meet the Collection! It's no secret that I have a bit of a love for shoes. My shoe collection currently creeps at the 100 pairs mark, a very scary number. I often purge my closet, so all of the shoes I do have get worn in a constant rotation, and that makes the 100 an even scarier number. I obviously can't show you all of my shoes as often as I would like in my outfit posts, but now I will each Friday! Once a week I will be showcasing two of the shoes from my closet. With-out further ado, Welcome to my Collection!

Meet the Collection: The Debutantes
The Debutantes
Purchased: at Payless for $21 Winter 2009
Fioni Brand

These are surprisingly my first pair of polka dot high heels. The fact is surprising because normally I cling to anything girly and romantic, and these shoes fit that description exactly. I first spotted these at Payless back in October 2009, and my heart melted. I knew that these shoes were a must have for my closet, but their $30 was not something I was willing to pay. With so many shoes in my closet, I am very aware of what I pay so that I can ensure I will get my money's worth out of them. After many trips to stare at these shoes, I had discovered that all of the style had been sold, and there were no more to display on the website. A number of weeks later, in January 2010 I decided to stop by Payless, with some new coupons burning holes in my pockets. There was one lonely pair left, probably a return, or a mis-placed pair from the back room. They were now on sale for $21. I didn't hesitate. After confirming these shoes fit I grabbed them and ran to the register. I could not let this pair slip by again!

Meet the Collection: The Roller Derby Chick
The Roller Derby Chick
Purchased at Payless for $15 from the Winter 2010 styles
Alice and Olivia for Payless Brand

This was a surprise pair for me. I didn't go out searching for them, and in fact looked past them many times before I decided to just try them on. At first they were everything I hate, High Slingback wedges? After slipping them on my first foot I saw them for everything I love, High Lacey Black Wedges. Looking at them in the box, I didn't like the pointier toe, but after wearing them for a few steps around the store, I loved how dainty these chunky shoes looked, pointy toe and all. I'm still new to wedges and only have a pair or two in my closet. I often have a hard time walking in them, with no gap between the toe and the heel. I'm learning to deal with this clumsy issue because these shoes need to be taken out on the town! Wedges may prove a challenge, but they are the perfect answer to getting height comfortably. I could wear these all night long, making them perfect for physical activity, like a roller derby perhaps.

And a third pair in honor of this being the first MTC post!

Meet the Collection: The London Rebel
The London Rebel
Purchased at Charlotte Russe for $5 in Winter 2008 by my lovely sister-in-law-kind-of-ish
Charlotte Russe Brand
While shopping for New Years Dresses in December of 2008, I spotted these shoes in the Clearance Rack. I loved them immediately. I'm not sure if it's the red added to the black and white plaid, or if it's the height of the shoes, but these babies just make me sigh. They only had one pair left and in my size ( that happens often luckily) So I carried these around while we continued the search for dresses. We didn't have any luck, but my sister-in-law ( eventually) did find a few shirts and some accessories. She was ahead of me as we headed to the register, and was appalled when I tried to pay my $5 bill with a debit card. She kindly added these to her purchases and gifted them back to me. Yay for having the best Sisters-in-Law who appreciate a must have pair of shoes! These shoes remain my going-out option. On those nights when you have to go out for a commitment at a bar, but you just can't muster up the motivation to want to go, I can throw on a plain black shirt, some killer jeans, and by adding these shoes I've added some spunk. These shoes make me feel as though I should be watching some punk band in an underground bar in the depths of London. Me with my pint and these amazing plaid shoes.


Musing Around said...

Love the Roller Derby Chick! Wedge heels are so comfy.

Meli22 said...

when I see your shoes, I get this horrible urge to add to my shoe collection in a major way. ;) unfortunetly the hubby does not approve lol.

Anonymous said...

Those plaid pumps are adorable!