Friday, January 22, 2010

Hidden Garden

I have a horrible time figuring out what to wear this shirt with. I scooped it up at the Goodwill a number of months ago. I adore how the shirt transitions from white to black with the concept of a garden getting thicker. I also love that this shirt is sheer, but what do you wear it with? By itself I'm afraid the shirt is just too much, so I try to find ways to hide different portions. I decided this time to pair this shirt with my gray vest, and this is by far my favorite way. I added a bright purple scarf from a pop of color, and I was out the door with my garden ready to be shown.
Garden Blouse: Salvation Army $2
Grey Vest: Weathervane $3
Purple Scarf: Target $5
Jeans: Seven via Marshalls $20
Peep Toe Booties: Payless $20

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