Friday, January 15, 2010

Sailor Stripes

I'm an effort to make my life less stressful, I have been trying to pull outfits together a head of time. The idea is that if I put together 2 outfits on Sunday night, and each weeknight put together another outfit, I will always have at least 2 outfits in my closet to choose from. Originally I just wanted to put together my outfits the night before, but I got a little ahead of myself and accidentally made my life a lot easier to handle. So now with full outfits to choose from in the morning, I'm finding it much easier to wear an entire thought out outfit, and not just one great piece and lots of basic items around it.
This outfit was a collaboration of ideas, and a year ago I never would have put any of this together. My shirt has blue and white stripes. My pants are a gray and yellow almost plaid and my shoes and a blue polka dot. I love this outfit together. Combining these all together just seemed to work, most likely because of the color schemes.

After work I headed to a friends house for her big wedding dress reveal ( Yay! So Beautiful) Her sister-in-law was wearing the same Old Navy tee as I was, but when I mentioned this too her she looked slightly confused at first. By adding the short sleeve sweater apparently I hide what this tee really looks like. It's one of those unexpected moments of fashion joy. Not only did I put something together, but I pulled it together and confused you with my fashion wonder.

Mixing and Matching really can be the best way to go.
Blue Stripped Shirt: Old Navy $4
Yellow Sweater: H&M $6
Pants: Target $20
Flats: Old Navy $5
Necklace: Payless $1


Pamela said...

I love wearing a long sleeve under a short sleeve sweater. It really changes the the way they look.

Kyla said...

This looks great!

Don't the mornings go sooo much better when you're prepared?

Clare said...

Kayla, I love this outfit!

(oh, and I sent you an email a few days ago, but my Yahoo account always puts people in the Spam folder for some reason...maybe check your Spam folder to see if my email got put there, but if it's not there I'll send you another one...I'm SO excited about having won the contest!)

Kayla said...

Yay Clare! Stupid spam folders. I will check for your email and send you your card!!

Lo said...

I love mixing and matching!

this is a very functional look--i like it.