Friday, January 15, 2010

Jeggings Revisited

Another trip to the movies, another attempt at the Jeggings. Normally I am against leggings as pants, and so I often wear them under longer shirt, skirts or dresses. My plan was the same with these Jeggings, but I just don't want to hide their amazing details. Back pockets, a zipper, seaming? These babies need to be shown off so for their second time out of the house, these babies went just as they are. Of course with temperatures dipping below 10 degrees I had to crazy layer along with them. Johnny gifted me with this amazing vest for Christmas. I adore thick vests and find them as the perfect fall/spring option. In this case I could keep warm without having to deal with the bulk of a jacket during the movie. We saw Sherlock Holmes, which was an amazing movie, and whose wardrobe was out of this world. The key to this look, lots and lots of layers. You never know what your getting yourself into when you'll be sitting in a theatre for a few hours.

Tank Top: Weathervane $6
Fleece Sweater: New York and Company $5
Vest: Christmas gift from Johnny
Scarf: Maurices $12.50
Jeggings: Forever 21
Knee High Socks: Target Pack of 3 for $6
Boots: Target $35
Glasses: better to see the screen with my dear

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Pamela said...

somehow I think with jean leggings you can get away with wearing tops that are a little shorter. I'm on the same page about usually wearing longer tops with leggings, but something about the sturdy denim material allows you get away with more! At least I think so!