Friday, January 15, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

( a day late) Sorry for my brief absence! I technology mishap left me with no way to post for all of yesterday, which is why this week's Thrifty Thursday is coming to you a bit late. Also please ignore my Christmas decorations. I just wasn't ready to pack them away, until after I took these pictures. That's when the putting the house back together mayhem began.
This entire outfit ( shy of undergarments) is completely thrifted. I must say that this was entirely incidental. I intended to find a few of my thrifted pieces and pair them together, but it wasn't until I had walked out the door that all of these items have been thrifted.

I also never realized that this sweater resembles a Letterman Jacket until these photos. I picked this amazing Purple old-lady shirt a few months ago at a Salvation Army. It's the perfect shade of purple, it is amazingly sheer and it makes even the youngest of woman instantly look like they should be wearing their orthopedic shoes. That's why I love it so. To make it more youthful, I find it is better layered under something. I was the ruffles to show, but not the bulky shoulder. In this case I added my Ann Taylor Cardigan that I got at the Goodwill, and the top instantly becomes more about the detailing and less about the color.

While not thrifted, these shoes are an EBay find. Last year I decided to check out EBay for some shoes in my size and was in love with these Jessica Simpson slingback Mary Jane's almost instantly. They combine the 3 types of shoes that I love, so to put them together is magic. I was able to bid on these shoes, and as the only bidder I scored them for $10 including shipping.
Black Short Sleeve Shirt ( under purple) : Target $4
Purple Blouse: Salvation Army $3
Cardigan: Ann Taylor via Goodwill $5
Shirt: Salvation Army $2
Tights: Walmart pack of 2 for $5
Shoes: Jessica Simpson via EBay $10

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