Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Jeggings... A do or a don't?

I was totally against the idea of Jean-Leggings, until I saw a pair. I do love leggings so the idea of faking people into believing they were actual pants seemed possible. When I spotted these at Forever 21 I was smitten. Not only do they have the same color as denim but they also come with back pockets, seeming, a button and a zipper. These may be the perfect pair. I decided to try them out at work and was unhappy most of the day. I just didn't feel dressed, in fact I felt under dressed and I while I was warm, and comfortable, I felt put on the spot. We were off to see Avatar in 3d that night, so I decided to remix the Jeggings a bit and give them another try. A movie is a casual enough setting to make them work.
I actually like this outfit, and Johnny's sister seemed surprised when I said that I wasn't wearing denim. Maybe the only person not fooled is me because I feel the cotton. So what do you think? Have you tried them? To Jegging or not to Jegging?
{{ Jeggings: Forever 21 $7.00- Shirt: Old Navy $4- Cardigan: old- Boots: Target $35- 3d Glasses: Free with Admission- Necklace: gifted}}


Meli22 said...

hmmm. see what you mean about feeling over-exposed at work- I would too, I think it's the tightness factor. I'm not on board with them for ME because they would show too many lumps and bumps... my bottom half is NOT my best feature.

KT said...

I was skeptical too. But I bought a pair from H&M to wear under longer shirts and mini dresses. I was pleasantly surprised. No one knew I wasn't in jeans, even though I was sure they could tell. Love them.

Karen said...

Jeggings are definitely a do, if you've got the body for it. They're way comfortable and they look great!