Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Winter Warmth

With the temperatures dropping below double digits and the wind hollowing hard, I'm finding myself yearning to be on the couch cuddling up with a quilt and sipping tea. This girl however has bills to pay which means out into the winter cold I go! I may have rows of thin cardigans perfect for the warmer months, but now all I want is thick sweaters which require no extra layering.

Forever 21: Fair Isle Cardigan $34.90
Forever 21: Peruvian Tie Cardigan $32.80

Forever 21: Cherry Extended Length Sweater $29.80
Cherries on a sweater...swoon


Leproust Vintage said...

Oh my gosh, this was totally me a few weeks ago. I always think that my cute little cardigans will get me through winter, then December hits and all I want are oversized, cozy sweaters! I finally bought two, but I jsut love the first fair isle sweater!

Second Skin said...

These sweaters do look pretty warm and cozy! Also, check thrift stores! They have an abundance of really amazing sweaters with great details and character! (well usually!)

also wanted to say thank you for your comment yesterday and I hope your week is getting better for you! I feel much better after seeing Avatar and gaining some perspective!