Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Years Masquerade Ball

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To celebrate New Years this year, we decided to do a bit of shopping. We knew we wanted to be dressed up, and we knew we wanted something reasonably priced so about a month ago Johnny and our close friends started the search. In the end we got tickets to a party at a local Hotel. The tickets included a room for the night as well as appetizers, dinner, open bar, dancing and breakfast the next morning. Perfect. I had done some dress shopping and found the perfect dress. Maroon and Lacey and not to rough on my 'still sore from Christmas' Wallet. I decided to wait the weekend before going back to get the dress, completely forgetting that once the after Christmas sales would hit, I would be in trouble. Trouble it was as I stood in the store which was now completely ransacked no pretty dresses in sight. It was the day before New Years and I had no options. I decided to grab my gift card and head down to Maurices, in search of a great party dress. I found not only a dress but much more! I always forget how great after Christmas Sales are, and I managed to get a dress, a skirt and a few shirts all for $30! In the end I decided to leave the dress in the closet for another party and let my new skirt out to play.

By pairing the dress with a black tube top I was able to get the illusion of a dress without having to give on the comfort of two pieces. I added some accessories and my sequin shoes and I was ready to go!

Since it was a Masquerade Ball, my girlfriends all gathered at my house the night before to decorate masks! We had fun getting in touch with our creative selves. All of the masks came out great, and we got actual use out of them as well!

To know me is to know that I'm always cold, so I knew I would need an extra layer just in case. I grabbed my cream Shrug as I walked out the door. I ended up only wearing it for pictures, but it was the perfect was to add a layer without taking away any of the fun.

I knew I wanted to add some great accessories so I did a little shopping. In fact I had all of my accessories and shoes before I even found a dress. I am a simple girl when it comes to extras so usually it's a bracelet, a necklace or earrings, but hardly all three get worn together. I never wear rings. My fingers are just so tiny that I not only have a problem finding rings that fit, but finding one's that will stay on all night is near impossible. I got lucky this year though and found a great bow ring and a chunky bracelet.

My old roommate, and one of my oldest friends got to join us this year! She always looks amazing and paired a great little black dress with some stunning shoes and a pretty flower.

One of the advantages of staying in a room just feet from the party was that our pajamas were near-by. I hadn't intended on changing until after the party, but just a bit into the night I knew I needed a shoe change. I hadn't brought any other options with me so I had to go with the shoes I wore in. My leopard Flats. I have gotten more than my money's worth out of these, and for the night these were my dancing shoes.

See what I mean?

It was the perfect way to ring in the New Year. Friends, Food, comfy Shoes and Masks Galore!
Happy 2010!!

{{ Tube Top: Weathervane old- Skirt: Maurices $23- Sequin Heels: Charlotte Russe $25- Shrug: Goodwill $4- Leopard Flats: Forever 21 $7.50- Bow Ring: Charlotte Russe $3- Bracelet: Charlotte Russe $4- Earrings: old- Necklace: Borrowed- Mask: Handmade}}

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