Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I adore the sweater in this week's Thrifty Thursday. I almost never look at tags when I'm thrifting. I'm too busy looking at the quality of material and the size of it. Usually once I'm home I look through the tags to see what I've got. This little sweater came with a surprise, a Micheal by Micheal Kors. Oh did I mention I paid less than $5 for this little puppy? This barely worn sweater fits like a gem. The material is amazing, and did I mention the argyle? Swoon.
I must admit, despite my love for this sweater I have a hard time figuring out what to pair it with. I love the olive green, and I love the brown and black, but I can never decide what makes a great piece like this pop. In a moment of thrifting genius I paired this sweater with my thrifted J.Crew Skirt. Another surprise tag find. After spending $4 on this skirt and heading home I discovered that this beauty is of the J. Crew kind. I've always admired their catalogs and wandered in their store, but often have a hard time spending money on a full price skirt. This olive green denim skirt thrift store find? Amazing.

Sweater: Micheal by Micheal Kors via Goodwill $4
Skirt: J.Crew via Goodwill $4
Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Maurices $6
Black Tights: Kohl's $4
Black Flats: Walmart $4


Pamela said...

What a great deal on the argyle Michael Kors sweater! Good eye!

Ally said...

You can never go wrong w/argyle. Great deal too!