Monday, December 21, 2009

Must Have Monday

Dear Santa-

This has been a pretty good year Santa. I would like to think that I have also been pretty good this year. In 2009 I became an aunt, I lived alone for the very first time, I got into one very scary accident, and one not so scary fender bender. I became a little more dedicated to my blog and a little less dedicated to school. I tried very hard to curb my cursing, and have worked very hard at not taunting my younger siblings. Since I managed to be such a good kid this year, I thought maybe I would write you a little letter with some great gift ideas for me. I also listed where you can find these awesome items just so you don't get confused. I know you have lots of requests.

Amazing PRITA Zippered Booties from for $59.90. These will get worn with everything Santa I swear.
I really go into Gossip Girl this year, which means I've missed both of the first seasons. Maybe the DVD's to help me catch up a bit?

Everything about this look. Those gloves, that jacket, that hair.

Another amazing jacket to add to my collection. This one from called, ' From Russia with Love' retailing for $149.99.

My absolute must have dream gift.
Please put him in my stocking.
I would enjoy a little dinner date with said gift.
A voice mail maybe?
How about a collection of DVD's he's been in. I would accept that. Just make sure you include copies of Two Guys and a Girl, and Buying the Cow. I love that movie.
Thank you Santa for taking a few minutes to read through my gift list. I may not be young anymore, but I promise that if you get me my dream gift I'll be careful not to shoot my eye out.

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Meli22 said...

lol! this list made me smile :)