Friday, December 18, 2009


I adore this outfit from yesterday. I just loved everything about it. I was comfortable, I was warm and most of all I felt chic. Johnny has mentioned on numerous occasions that I have too many cardigans. He fears they make me look like more of a soccer mom and less of a young adult. I can't disagree, but they are just so great to add as an extra layer. In an effort to look less like I drive a mini-van ( even though since my accident I have been) I am keeping my eyes out for great alternatives. When I spotted this shrug at the goodwill I was immediately smitten. Normally I avoid slouchy layers, but what an easy addition to any simple shirt, and it would give me that extra layer I so need. The tag says XL, but it didn't look that big so I tried it on. Perfect fit. This must either be a mis-tag or possibly an extra large in kids. Maybe I'm just mistaken, maybe Shrugs aren't supposed to be loose and baggy. Either way I love my XL find.
The cream in the shrug originally attracted me, and I wanted to pair it with a simple gray shirt to keep it basic. I decided to add the scarf and last minute grabbed this brooch. Back when I worked retail, there was a period of time where our manufactures put pins on every shirt or sweater we sold. As a result we had brooches hiding in all corners of the store and each night we would collect them and put them in a drawer. When we could we would pair them back with lonely sweaters, but a few months after the pin craze, we still had piles of them sitting in a drawer. That's when we each became lucky ladies and took home a few. I didn't even look at these until years later, and now have slowly tried to incorporate them into my outfits. I'm often afraid that they will only add to my soccer mom appearance, but was really happy with the way it came together yesterday. Sometimes a little extra bling can go a very long way.
Gray Shirt: Walmart $2
Shrug: Goodwill $3.50
Jeans: Weathervane $20
Shoes: Walmart $10
Scarf: Gifted
Brooch: Free from old job

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