Friday, November 13, 2009

Television(Drama): Law and Order

Amazingly enough this outfit stirred up quite a bit of controversy at work. I have a few friends in Law Enforcement, and I have a strange love of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Between these two sources I know a few things about working with criminals. A bit tip is to never wear stretchy, thin, or comfy pants. They won't protect you in case of an incident. That's why the Bounty Hunters always wear jeans. The cast of Law and Order gets a free pass on this rule because they are actors, but I decided to play with the idea and go with Khaki's. These are one of the last remaining remnants of my days as a Best Buy employee, and the wear is obvious. They don't fit as well now, and they seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I think it's time these pants got hung up.

About 5 minutes after I had arrived at work a co-worker and I had my first office conversation about fashion. Surprisingly I've never been questioned about my choice in clothes until this outfit:
Male Co-Worker: So what's with the belt?
Me: I just figured I'd add a touch of color to the look.
Female Co-Worker: Yeah, it's just added for Fashion.
Male Co-Worker: Oh that is Fashion?? I thought that you were maybe worried your scarf would fall off.
Me: Yes that was my secret concern. That my scarf would fly away.
Male Co-Worker: I will never get it.
Apparently no-one I know reads Fashion Blogs and has seen this belted scarf trend done on so many other amazingly ladies. I loved the look on them and thought it would give it a try. Apparently not as much of a win with the co-workers.

My second Fashion hit of the day came when my bosses and one of my close co-workers came in for a meeting. He came in, in a light blue button down shirt and khaki pants. The only difference was he accessorized with a backwards baseball cap, I with Pink flats, a scarf, and some yellow accents. The questions of whether we had called each other started, and I let them know that we had, and he obviously left his yellow belt at home. Who knew one little belt would cause such an uproar?

Shirt: Target $5
Scarf: Street Vendor $5
Belt: Came with a dress
Khakis: American Eagle $18
Trouser Socks: (my favorite) Pack of 3 Walmart $6
Dark Pink Flats: Payless $4.50
Bracelet: Joyce Leslie $3


Kendra said...

First of all... so wierd, but I have those same shoes and same bracelet. Well HAD... I gave the shoes to my sister cause they were a tiny bit too tight on my poor little feet.

Second... gotta admit, the scarf isn't working me me here. I think it's that it's tied at the neck and belted. the look I think you were going for is when the scarf is just around the neck once, spread out across the belly and belt over that way, so it kinda looks like a cardigan with a belt. Here the belt just looks like an after thought.

Kayla said...

Your probably right. But even more than the knot, I don't think the fringe worked. Lesson learned!