Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrity- Anne Hathaway

The key to capturing the style of Anne Hathaway for me, was looking almost delicate. Simplicity and Femininity were important. Her stylist, Rachel Zoe, always puts her in outstanding gowns and accents them with simple jewelery. I decided that while a gown wouldn't work for work, keeping it simple would be easy to accomplish. I would categorize her as the Jackie O for the 21st century, and so not messing this up was key.

While in Atlantic City a few weekends ago, I managed to score this amazing Clearance Top. I saw it at H and M, and thought surely it must be a mis-tag. No mistake here, this amazing tunic was $5. It is long and would work well as a dress with leggings and boots. To make it more work appropriate I tucked it into some jeans and make it a loose top. I loved the way this top sat once tucked in. I have always been a fan of the 'tuck in and loosen out ' rule, and it worked especially well with this tunic.

The shirt had so much to say that I didn't want to cloud it or minimize it with extras, so I added my favorite necklace and let the outfit do the rest of the work.

I thought that these heels would make a nice addition. They are tan which is simple, yet they are full of ruffles which makes them a delicate surprise, very Anne Hathaway if I do say. I was comfortable all day, and the look felt effortless. Which was great because that's exactly how Anne always looks.

Top: H and M $5
Cardigan: Target $5
Jeans: Seven new via Marshall's $20
Heels: Target new via Goodwill $10
Necklace: gift from Johnny
Bracelet: Lia Sophia $20


Clare said...

That is an incredibly gorgeous tunic! Can't wait to see how else you style it.

Kendra said...

Love the tunic!
I think it would have been a touch more Anne with a dark wash jean without whickering. Something with a nice even color.

eednic said...

gorgeous top!

i absolutely loved her in the Devil Wears Prade. without shame, i watch that movie every single time I know it will play on TV!

Leproust Vintage said...

Your top is beautiful! I cannot believe the price your scored it for!