Friday, November 13, 2009


Dear Modcoth:
Maybe you didn't hear but there is a recession going on. Yet even still you continue to list these amazing coats that make me swoon. How am I supposed to manage my money smartly when I've got your wide selection staring back at me. Can't you help a girl out? Stop being so on top of your game, or just send me lots of free coats.
Sincerely Swooning over you,
Retails on the website for $84.99


Anonymous said...

Totally shouldn't have checked out your blog today (kidding of course because I love your blog!) because now I REALLY want that coat. Ooh.. so gorgeous!! Maybe we should help each other restrain... what you think?


Kayla said...

Yes please! And if you have issues with shoes too than we definately have to become 'restrain from buying' friends! lol