Monday, November 16, 2009

Must Have Monday

I am a bargain hunter at heart, which makes online I great place for me to shop. I am always a little nervous when it comes to shopping online for clothes and shoes. I'm always fearful that they won't fit right, but if you find a great item at a great price, than the risk is worth taking! Ebay is a great friend of mine. You can bid on almost anything your heart desires! With so many items available there will never be a shortage of great deals. Half of the fun of shopping is searching for a deal, and half of the fun of Ebay is the bidding! I am always checking on my Blackberry to see if I've won any auctions. Ebay is also great for gift giving. With some great bids and a little luck you can stock up on all of your Holiday needs for great prices. While searching today I came across some great items. Because Ebay is always changing, thanks to Bids starting and Ending, the information I post below for each of these items will be current as of today. I will also post the seller name so you can easily find these pieces.

Lace Dress $1.80 bid at last check.
Pink dress $2.50 bid at last check. Both of these dresses are available through luvluvbiz the shop. They are full of great little dresses! The seller's name is austfasions. What great holiday party dresses and summer vacation on the beach pieces!

Searching for vintage shoes is my favorite! These Pixie Shoes were at $9.99 at the most current bid through theirattic4u. They are in such good condition and look like they have lots of life left in them.

Another great pair of vintage boots! Those are my favorite keywords to search for. I'm just not sure how you can go wrong with two of my favorite words in the same search bar. These are listed as Pirate Boots and at the last bid they were for $10 through shirtnskirts.

I also love searching for new, never before worn items. I have gotten quite a few of my shoes through Ebay with the tags still on them. These amazing purple slouch boots sell for $25.99 and are a " But it Now" item through osoclassybyd09.

These suede boots are so similar to the purple ones, and very similar to the amazing boots that Kyla, from Blue Collar Catwalk scored. These boots sell for $19.99 through 001fashionsoes. While they do need to be bid on, there are so many in stock that you are guarenteed to get the color you are looking for!


Leproust Vintage said...

This post is great...I too am a huge bargain hunter! That lace dress is SO lovely!

Orchid Grey said...

those dresses are so pretty!

Kyla said...

These are awesome finds! That lace dress is GORGEOUS! Aaaaaand...

WE ARE TOTALLY BIRTHDAY TWINS!!!!! And people are constantly calling me Kayla!

Hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Anonymous said...

You know I am a sucker for Ebay! These finds are awesome- I am so in love with that lace dress, I might actually have to go search for it right now. :)


Ms. Givens said...

I hope someone wins that lace dress. It is adorable. I just purchased an Indian Spice Box for my husband off ebay. He is the cook at our house.