Friday, November 13, 2009

Movie: Sex and the City

This is my Tale of Three Cities.
or Three Shoes if you will. I was excited about my Sex and the City challenge, until I realized that it meant I had to take the iconic styles of the lovely ladies from New York and make it work out of my closet. I couldn't decide which of the girls I wanted to use as inspiration, which brought me to 3 different pairs of shoes. I have the Black heels, which are a very similar version of the black heels worn by Carrie in the movie. They are fun, and funky and very Carrie Bradshaw. Than I have my sexy Samantha heels. These are usually saved for late nights at the bar, but Weekend wear and Work wear is a very thin line for Samantha. Than I have my Miranda and Charlotte shoe all rolled into one. They are both practical people and a great detailed shoe would suit their needs. But which would best suit mine?

I used a bit of each of the Fashion to pull together the outfit. I knew I had a long day ahead, but that's no excuse not to throw on a dress. You should dress for how you want to feel, not for how you feel. I also had a large number of meetings which means office appropriate needed to be strictly adhered to. In walks my black long sleeve shirt and this great red dress. The dress is actually more of a pinkish than a red, but paired with my black shirt I knew I could be dressy, practical and comfy. To help mix it up a bit, the brown tights had to work. These ladies are always experimenting with layers and colors and the unexpected, and I had to play with that.

But which shoe to wear??

In the end, my practical self won out. It's the Miranda in me. With a day full of meetings and projects, my 8 hour day soon turned into 13 and I was glad to have these shoes on my feet.
These were a little DIY project from months ago. They originally had yellow boys on the tips, but I just wasn't in love with them so a little snip snip and they are now basic mustard yellow pumps. The heel is chunky which I so appreciated at hour 13. These would be great city walking shoes. My other pairs will probably be left for fun Sex and the City adventures, but for the working girl in all of them, and in me, I had to go with the mustard.

Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Maurices $12
Dress: Goodwill $7
Necklace: Payless $2
Brown Tights: Kohl's $4
Mustard Heels: Target $2


Kendra said...

Love the dress on you, it fits like a glove. I would have preferred the sexy samantha shoes though!

Clare said...

I remember when you took off the yellow bows from these shoes! And I think you picked the right one; the lighter color of the shoes totally pops against the red dress.

elledee said...

you look so cute! I like your style.

Ms. Givens said...

I like the way you think!