Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celebrity- Whitney Port

My love of Reality Television started around 1996. That's when I turned 10, and that's when Reality Television started to take over the media-waves. It started with Real World and now has exploded onto all channels with The Hills, Survivor, Biggest Loser. Life with the Lamas and now the City. Being a fan of Laguna Beach meant I became a fan of the Hills, and eventually the City. Whitney Port is such an amazing woman, and I respect her daring choices when it comes to fashion. She isn't afraid to step outside of the box. I would describe her look as being Bohemian-Rocker. Over-all though many of her outfits are a giant ball of juxtaposition.

This look was hard for me to put together. Well the actual putting it together was easy, the feeling comfortable in it wasn't so. As a person I am just better suited for A line skirts and poof shirts. I am as comfortable in poodle skirts and I am in slips and heel, but leggings, edgy boots and a short dress?? I wasn't confident I could pull the look off, and it translated through my clothes.

I knew the outfit couldn't be worn to work, so instead I threw it on for some house cleaning. The outfit was extremely comfortable. Something about leggings just makes me feel warm and cozy. I can't imagine that any snuggie in the world would be better than a great pair of leggings.

I purchased these boots last year when I decided to add a little Edge to my wardrobe. I have never wore them exposed. They get worn often, but usually under jeans. They are an unusual length which makes them appropriate for skirts and dresses only. They just aren't the right length to be worn outside of pants. They are so comfortable though and I am working on finding new ways to bring them into my outfits more.

This top has never been worn out of the house. I got it at Walmart for $1 and at the time couldn't pass up the bargain. Now the unusual length has left me baffled. It barely reaches below my butt, but the ruffles on the bottom has made it too long for jeans. I do love the blocks of colors at the top however. I think this shirt may need a little hemming. Taking off the bottom ruffle layer would help bring the shirt up and make it much easier to wear.

Top: Walmart $1
Jacket: Forever 21 $15.50
Leggings: Forever 21 $3
Boots: Charlotte Russe $10


Anonymous said...

I like that top alot (I can't believe you haven't worn it before, it looks great on you)! And for $1- I would have picked it up too. WOW!



Anonymous said...

I like the boots. Boots make you feel confident enough to wear just about anything.