Monday, October 05, 2009

Silky Dots

When I made my fantastic old lady finds a few weeks ago, this shirt was one I was a little nervous about. ( ) I loved the long sleeves and I loved the pattern, but I was afraid with so many polka dots, the shirt itself could easily become very overwhelming.

To help counteract this fear, I decided to pair the shirt under another shirt. This allowed the polka dots to still enjoy the spotlight, without being too much. With the sheen in the shirt, I knew that worn alone it could be very consuming to the eye. I think by pairing this wrap shirt over top I was able to achieve the best display of the new shirt. The night before as I sat down to iron my outfit, I was amazed to discover that the tag read " 100% Silk". I had just never thought to look prior to buying it, because it fit so well when I first tried it on. I don't own anything that is almost any percent silk, and considering I paid $3 for the shirt, I will call this a great find!

These shoes were also a thrifting find of mine. They were new at the Goodwill and I was able to grab them for $10. They were the perfect addition to my closet because my old black heels had just had enough. I had no idea just how much use I would get out of these shoes. Last week I wore them 3 times, and spent some time in them over the weekend as well. Sometimes it's the simple shoes that can bring you the most use.

Polka Dot Shirt: Salvation Army $3
Black Wrap Shirt: gifted
Jeans: Seven ( bought at a Marshalls) $20
Necklace: Joyce Leslie $3
Earrings: Claires $4
Shoes: Goodwill $10

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Meli22 said...

really cute- love how you made that shirt work, it's so fun!