Friday, September 25, 2009

Winter Additions

Ever since the start of my shopping ban, I have kept an ongoing list of things I will need for the fall. The list isn't very long, but it is full of basic pieces that will be easy to layer with and will work for the transition from season to upcoming season. Even with the ban lifted, and my list at it's end, it doesn't excuse the fact that I am a lady on a budget. Not to mention this is a recession! This calls for some smart shopping.

I decided to swing by the Salvation Army. I usually go to the goodwill but after having no real luck there, I headed down the road to the much bigger Salvation Army. I just find so many racks sometimes overwhelming, and for as much as they have I don't often find things that I love. With my list in hand I went with 1 thing in mind, a button down shirt. I didn't have any specifics from there, but I was on the look out for a great shirt I could layer under or over a sweater or dress, and that could be worn alone when the warmer weather comes back. Maybe it's that my style is slightly changing, or that I just watched Grey Gardens, but I found myself in love with every old lady inspired! After trying on 20 or so items I left with these 4 finds. At $3 a piece the total bill was $12, and I have so many ideas already floating in my head!!
I know that the best place to shop for simple basics is Old Navy. I am really in the need for some plain long sleeve and short sleeve replacements. It's been about a year since my last 'basics' shopping trip and I'm happy to say they have lasted me about a year. My patterned items last me so much longer because they don't get worn as much, but a long sleeve white tee with get so much wear in a month that now a year later, they are stretched, stained and starting to form holes. I happened to have picked a great week to stop in at Old Navy because a lot of their back to school items were on Clearance. This time of year I usually find the clearance racks full of summer items that they have yet to see, but Old Navy surprised me, and let me a very happy customer. In the end I scored 1 skirt, 1 dress and 4 shirts and spent a whopping $22.
None of these items cost more than $5, and here I am with a whole slew of items to help get me in the colder frame of mind. Shopping doesn't have to be expensive! Take that all you magazines who claim, " smart shopping where no item costs over $250!". I never understood those articles, because $200 for a white shirt is unreasonable for me. $5 however is not.

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