Monday, October 05, 2009

Must Have Monday

Following a tip from the amazing blog, 'A Girls Guide To Shoes', ( ), I headed over to the website, Their inventory is amazing and I love how they categorize all of their looks. The site was pretty simple to navigate, and I was excited that they had some styles for under $100. I have been on the hunt for a great pair of animal print shoes for some time now, and there is not end to the styles you can find at almost any store you walk into. I just haven't found the perfect pair yet, and was happy with the selection I found on this website.
I found this pair by Betsy for $50. I love how subtle the print is, and how amazing these shoes would look with a pair of black tights and a great pencil skirt.
Being the shoe girl that I am, I was of course also immediately in love with the black version. I think that I would be able to pair these with many more items in my closet. Wedges give a very summer feel to me, but with a pair of rolled up jeans and a great black shirt this shoe could easily translate from summer to winter.

I am on the constant hunt for great winter sweaters. Most days it's so cold I have to convince myself to get out of bed, and spend the first few minutes my feet hit the floor quickly layering up for the elements. Even the most glamorous of fashionistas would prefer to spend the day in comfy pants and a great hooded sweatshirt. My goal is to find great sweaters that will make me feel like I'm in a comfy sweater , but will be much more appropriate for work. My search lead me to Forever 21.

i just love this sweater. It has the feel of a great 50's secretary piece, a style that seems to be bigger than ever thanks to Mad Men. I love that this cardigan could easily slip over a simple tee shirt which will add to the feeling on comfort, but the outside world will see your pulled together style. This cardigan sells on their website for $32.

The preppy princess in me just can't get enough argyle! I don't actually have any argyle in my closet and am always on the look out for those classic diamonds, that won't be so big they make me seem wide. This V-Neck will look great over a white shirt with a great necklace. Their website sells it for $22.80.

This sweater is absolutely not practical for snowy conditions. But what a great layering piece for any closet. This cardigan could easily be paired under a blazer, or with a long sleeve shirt underneath. The fabric appears stretchy, so this item is probably best to be tried on in store. With such great plaid ruffles, who could help themselves? Their website lists this item at $29.


Meli22 said...

nice picks! :D

Where are the items you bought you promised to post about from last monday's must haves? ; ) lol

Kayla said...

one of them may have been :) One was from last week's and one was from the week before. You should see them this week!!