Monday, October 19, 2009

Ode to my most Favorite Functional Shoes

As a young girl, I swore I would never wear grandma shoes. Peaking under the pews in church I saw rows and rows of beige and tan sneakers with Velcro, Mary Jane's with ties and very plain heels. Thus my love of shoes began. Despite this promise I made to myself so long ago, when I saw these shoes last year, I just couldn't resist and it was the best functional decision I've made. By themselves, these shoes aren't as attractive as many of my other pairs. They are very simple and plain, but under a pair of jeans these shoes look a little bit more appealing.
With a great pair of jeans these shoes appear almost like boots, and they offer the same level of comfort. They have a heel, but the tilt is subtle which means these shoes can be worn for hours on end.

My favorite thing about these shoes, besides their comfort? The heels, while small make a clicking sound when I walk. Call me crazy, but it doesn't matter what the shoes look like. If they make a clicking sound I automatically feel a bit more girly. These shoes are also great winter shoes. Because they come up to just below my ankle, they can be worn with socks, and I almost never get snow in them. It pains me to say it, but maybe those old ladies had it right. The shoes don't have to be attractive, if they make sense. Besides, you can make anything look better with a few well place accessories.
Shoes: The Supermarket of Shoes $8

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