Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Finds

When I was cleaning out my fabrics last week, I found half of a dress that I attempted to make for last New Years. The bottom was still together, but the top has long since been thrown out. The empty bottom half was just sitting there, and with some creative advice from Johnny, I was able to make some cuts and make what was left of the dress a skirt. I just love the satin material, and this skirt has a lining which should make it a bit more durable than my last satin skirt.
As soon as I put on the skirt to make sure it fit, I had to put on my new shoes! How perfect they go together! As the weather continues to get colder I will have to show this skirt off paired with tights. I hope this skirt will bring a nice touch of spring to a dreary day.
Tank Top: Weathervane $6
Jacket: Forever 21 $15.50
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Payless $20

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