Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shoe Under Review

After watching the infomercials over and over again, and getting some advice from others who own the Shoe Under, I decided to take the plunge and buy 2 of my own. Since Johnny and I are saving up to buy a house, I am extra diligent to only purchase things that will benefit me in both my current apartment and future home. I decided that this storage unit was a great piece because it will travel well when it comes time to pack, and it can be used in any location. I picked these up for $10 a piece a a local drugstore.

I had read a few different places that the storage piece itself was rather flimsy and not as strong as it looks on the television, so I was prepared with my scissors. Once the Shoe Under was out of the box, I started cutting the boxes up! Out of the boxes I was able to make 4 cardboard squares, one for each corner. These didn't add any stability to the outside walls, but it did help to make the shape of each shoe holder a bit more established. These always help in supporting some of the weight when the Shoe Under is pulled using the handles.
I didn't realize how many pairs of flat shoes I had until I filled these, and still had to use a over the door shoe rack! In the end there are a great purchase. Because I know the handles aren't strong I only pull them out by the top and sides. I love that they have the clear layer zipped shut over top, which helps to keep dust off of my shoes. Everything is easy to see, and it isn't taking up room behind my door, which was my biggest complaint. All in all, as long as you expect it not to be as steady as the commercials make it look, this is a great storage product.


Meli22 said...

can it fit a pair of high heels per slot? I have been considering buying them as well... I am a size 7 1/2 btw

Kayla said...

I used mine just for flats, but there is plenty of room for a pair of high heels in each slot. It reall is quite roomy.