Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Darn Yankee

While wondering around the mall this past weekend, searching for a birthday gift I caught this jacket out of the corner of my eye. It was in the back of the dressing room, and it was not even ready for the floor just yet, but those buttons seemed to wink at me and I quickly tried it on. This jacket called to me. I have one rule when it comes to shopping, Don't buy based on trends. If I bought every trend in the book, I would have a closet full of items, and nothing seasonally appropriate to wear. Trends come and go so fast, and with-in months they are no longer stylish.
My income is not disposable, and so I only buy things that will have staying power. I know that this sweater jacket is being sold because the military look is so hot right now, but I couldn't help to feel as I stared at my reflection, that a jacket that fit this well would never go out of style.

This shoes are another piece in my closet that get a lot of wear. I got them last fall, and have recently seen that a number of shoe stores now are selling styles very similar to this one. Not only do these shoes match with everything in my closet, but they are unbelievably comfortable. I love their Victorian feel and can imagine myself wearing them as I sit in my rocking chair, sewing waiting for my beloved to come home from war. I couldn't resist wearing them with this jacket. Like my own little form of dress up.

I love that this jacket is a dark black, but because of it's style it almost appears dark navy. I think you expect this style to come in navy and that's what attracted me to it. Black means it will work well with any color next to it. The sweater jacket connects at the waist which really helped to define my smallest part, and give the jacket some definition. I'm sure that there weren't any soldiers who looked as good as this in their jacket. And I'm confident that there probably weren't many soldiers during the civil war who wore their military jackets with floral skirts, but we'll just call that the joy of living in 2009.

Skirt: Weathervane $6
Tights: Kohls $4
Shoes: Payless $20
Shirt: Target $4
Jacket: Forever 21 $22
Necklace: Lia Sophia $20


Meli22 said...

very cute- you've been doing the masculine/feminine dressing so well, I love it ;)

Savvy Gal said...

cute outfit. i esp like the skirt.