Friday, September 25, 2009

Casual Wear

As I continue my quest to improve my go-to casual wear, I found this weeks trivia another reason to see what I could put together. As usual, I start with my favorite basics, a tee shirt and jeans.

Step 1: Add accessories
I was already running late for trivia, and really just didn't want to mess with an armful of bangles of dangling necklaces. I had plans to eat and contribute a little bit, so less is sometimes more. Just because I didn't want to layer on the accessories, doesn't mean that I didn't want to make what accessories I did choose small, so this scarf was a great compromise. I was able to add color, a piece of interest and more importantly warmth! I threw on my white belt for a little bit of contrast and I was ready to put on my game face.

Step 2: Add a great pair of shoes
I may have failed at this step, but just slightly and with good reason. I'm not much of a flip flop wearer, even when the weather calls for it. But after a week in high heels, and a great pedicure, I just wasn't ready to cover my piggies up.

I never do anything outside of color so when the nail artist convinced me to add a little flower to each big toe, I was pretty unsure. In the end of love the look. It is much more beachy, than the start of fall, but with the weather changing, my toes are seeing less and less of the outside world. This means that not only will the flower likely last longer, but that they will only really be enjoyed by me. Consider these my little pick me up. Just as I'm getting sad about putting away all my favorite summer finds and layering sweaters over my favorite tank tops, I'll smile remember that my toes don't yet know that it's fall!!

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