Monday, September 28, 2009

Must Have Monday

These amazing shoes were staring back at me as I scrolled through the latest pictures on Karla, of Karla's Closet. Her shoes are always amazing, and this pair is no different. In her blog she apologized for the toe cleavage, but I must admit that it is a little sexy in this photo. These heels are strappy and high and would make a great addition to any pair of jeans. They are marked as being from Aldo, though the details I haven't been able to yet find. Hopefully they are still attainable, and more importantly affordable!

When I stopped by Pay less last week to look at my Must Have purple booties from last week, I saw these amazing shoes. These are deep purple booties from Lela Rose for Pay less. As I was looking through the aisles for my perfect purple booties, I spotted these and just had to try them on. They run $35 and look so amazing on. The cut out with the ties give such a unique look to these shoes, that no matter what you pair them with, these shoes will stand out. I have dreams of wearing them with black tights to really let the shoes shine. When I searched online for them today came up with nothing, which leads me to believe that these shoes will soon be on their way out, and if I have hopes up picking up a pair of my own I better head over there soon!

Purple is obviously a favorite color of mine, but that fact becomes even more prevalent as the season changes from fall to winter. I love the deep purples for fall and winter and love that they help bring a touch of color to an otherwise brown and gray season. Coats are a huge part of my closet, especially since they are a necessity for about 7 months of the year. It's important to have a coat that works not only as added warmth against the snowy wind, but that also can stand on it's own as a part of an outfit if we should stop by somewhere that doesn't require me removing my outer layer. This coat provides the perfect marriage for both of my favorite things. I found the coat online from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. It retails for about 530 pounds or about 840 dollars. I haven't been able to find it online anywhere in the states just yet, but I bet with a little more time a great version in a store near you could probably be found.

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