Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My biggest excitement of the changing seasons, is getting to bring my tights back out of hiding. I didn't welcome tights into rotation in my wardrobe until the end of last winter, and I have spent the whole summer dreaming of all of the ways I can make them work for me this year. With the weatherman promising me rainy skies with highs of 50 all week, it seemed like the perfect reason to slip them on and enjoy a shave free day.
This skirt has only been worn once. After making it a few months ago, I was disappointed when the skirt ripped halfway through the day. It wasn't my sewing and instead it got snagged on a loose nail. After fixing up the tear, this skirt seemed like a perfect spring reminder to pair with my black tights.

When I felt a chill halfway through my second day of wear I looked down to discover that again my skirt had ripped. This time almost all the way down the side, and I spent the day kept together with safety pins.

The only thing more exciting than bringing out the tights, is bringing out these patent leather shoes. I picked these up at Payless about a year ago, and work them into my regular wardrobe. They are comfortable, and perfect for all day wear. More importantly they have a great throwback feel of being a lady in the Victorian era, enjoying tea on the porch while sewing. Maybe if I was a Victorian lady my cross stich patterns wouldn't tare as easily as my current sewing project skirts.

Cardigan: Urban Behavior $2
Shirt: Target $6
Necklace: Lia Sophia $12
Skirt: Homemade
Tights: Kohls $4
Shoes: Payless $20

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Kristen said...

Bummer about the skirt ripping, because it looks great against the tights!

Kohls was having a big sale on patterned tights; I scooped up 5 pairs. Tights are the best part of fall and winter!