Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Casual Wear

Around 10pm last Saturday I got dressed to head out for the night. Johnny's sister moved and he had spent the day helping her while I stayed home and cleaned and sewed. ( Very Domestic) He called to see if I wanted to head over to enjoy some drinks and help them unpack. I knew I would finally have to take off my pajamas, but it wasn't going out enough to get fully dressed. And some came the casual wear dilema. I decided to keep it simple with jeans, a long sleeve shirt and fleece. Because they just moved in the place doesn't have a warmy feel as they continue to unpack boxes, and after painting all day the windows had to be kept wide open. Layering would be necessary.

Step 1: Add Accessories
I contemplated this step for awhile. What accessories would be appropriate for painting and unpacking? The answer was none. In the end I decided the best accessory I could bring would be my face. And with that I did something I almost never do for a casual day, I put on make-up, added some shiny earrings and jumped in the car.
Step 2: Pick great Shoes

The only option would be my favorite almost converse ever! I got these shoes at Sketchers a year ago, and am still amazed by how much wear they have gotten. They are perfect for an occasion such as this. Running sneakers wouldn't be needed since I wasn't going anywhere fast, and yet flats wouldn't be enough since I would be moving boxes and helping however I could. With the cute airplane design these shoes are cute and flirty, and still provide me with the necessary sneaker support. They were the perfect addition to an otherwise, far to casual outfit.

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