Monday, September 21, 2009

That layered look

I saw a post from Kim of Fab Finds under $50 the other day, who had a dress very similar to this one. She layered a skirt underneath it to help give the skirt a little more length. I loved the idea for another reason. This dress is so thin. I love the safari feel of the dress, and I love how it resembles a shirt dress, but with an edge. the dress is made of a thin cotton material however, and I am always afraid that it won't be strong enough to even hold the buttons closed, much less keep my legs covered. For that reason I only wear this dress with tights, until the day I decided to use it as a layering tool.

Normally I don't pair black and brown together, but I'm finding myself more and more venturing into the realm not so traveled. I thought that with a black and tan pattern in the skirt, black shoes just made the most sense. These are a pair of Jessica Simpson heels that I got for $10 on Ebay. I just love how they are classic Mary Janes from the front, and in the back they have the surprise slingback. They are also one of the most comfortable pair I own.
It took lots of attempts to find the perfect skirt to layer with the dress. I didn't decide to layer anything under the top as well, until I was about to walk out the door. It wasn't even out of need as much as I couldn't let the brown go without a touch of orange. This outfit gave me hope. Not only that layering can solve nay problem, but that a lot of my wardrobe that I save for just certain types of weather can be safely and smartly utilized through the seasons.


Clare said...

Love the layering idea! This is a great outfit!!

Meli22 said...

cute idea! :) Love this interpretation of Kimberly's outfit!!