Thursday, September 17, 2009

Casual Wear

I enjoy pulling together outfits to wear on a daily basis, but once work is finished and I'm headed home to change quick before heading to watch the football game, meet friends for trivia, or off to do errands, I can't seem to find my ideal casual style. I've figured out great ways to dress for the week-days, and my special events are completely covered, but how do I want to look when I'm just hanging out? A part of me will always be a jeans and tee shirt kind of gal, and I've recently decided that the best way to find my casual style, is to work with what I already know. Comfort is key and working with what I wear now, I may be able to slowly find my ideal look.

The basic outfit perfect for dinner and drinks at a bar while watching Monday night football. a great long sleeve cotton shirt, perfect for blocking the draft of the chilly evenings, but not too much hassle. I layered a tank top underneath, to give myself the extra layer, and the extra addition of color. Than a go to pair of jeans, and a belt to keep everything in place as I jump up and down with each touch down.

Step 1: Adding accessories

Since I new wings would be on my meal plan for the evening, I wanted to keep any bracelets pretty simple. These saint bracelets were perfect. They are flat which meant they wouldn't impede on my eating or cheering, and yet they have so much color and interest. I decided instead of picking just one to wear, I would wear them both to make them stand out a bit. For necklace options, I really wanted to keep it simple. Less is more sometimes, and as I move from a more baseball game go-er look to one of pulled together comfort, this was a small step in the right direction.

Step 2: Adding the perfect pair of shoes
I know the secret to adding some spice to an outfit, pick great shoes. I'm not ready to commit to my highest ankle boots for game night, just yet, so these simple brown heels were perfect. They added just a bit of height, and really took the outfit from everyday, to something a bit more special. I know sitting at the table no-one could see my shoes, but walking from to the bathroom, or the bar everyone could hear them. I was the girl in the heels.
Overall, I think my first attempt to change it up a bit, was very minimal. I have to say that by just adding heels, the whole look felt different. I am not trying to loose my tee shirt wearing self, but I'm trying to find new ways to spice it up a bit. Do you have a go to casual look? How do you make a tee shirt and jeans look extra dressy? Will I ever be able to loose my love of cotton??

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