Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandma's Couch

When I first bought this dress, I couldn't help but feel like I got a steal. The dress fits wonderfully, it is so comfortable, and it hugs my curves perfectly. With a $4 price tag on it this dress was a great find, but I still just wasn't in love with it. I think it reminds me of ever 70's sitcom couch, and I have an underlying fear that the orange and brown together will look more like Grandma's Couch and less appropriate for wearing.

Following a tip in this months InStyle, I decided to try some layering to help make the dress more work ready. Adding this 'blazer' and a belt, and suddenly the dress' pattern became much less severe. I actually picked up this coat at the Goodwill. It is not a blazer, but actually a little boys suit jacket. Despite finding it in the young boys section, it fits great and it's shorter sleeves give the appearance of a very purposeful 3/4 length. I added just subtle jewelry, my arrow necklace and some beige heels to complete the look without complicating it. This dress is loud and I wanted to do my best to address the pattern without overwhelming it. The dress came with a belt, but I decided that by belting over the jacket the whole outfit would seem more cohesive.

Dress: Walmart $4 ( came with belt)
Shoes: Micheal Khors via Marshalls $20
Jacket: Goodwill $5
Necklace: Gifted
Bracelet: Lia Sophia $12


Kristen said...

That looks so autumn-y and crisp with the jacket and belt. And what a deal for $4!

eednic said...

if there's one thing i love about dresses, it is their ability to be surprisingly versatile! i love the idea of a blazer and belt over a dress. i agree that it makes the look cohesive and work appropriate. well done!