Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Iconic Styles: Rock N' Roll

My original inspiration for this outfit was an edgy coffee shop open-mic performer. I wasn't trying to look like a member of Kiss and I really wanted to make Rock N' Roll approachable.
In the end I'm afraid the look came off a little tweeny. I just would fit in better at a disney Hannah Montana than I would partying with the big girls. At the time I loved the combination of the skinny jeans with my platform plaid heels. The leopard print red tank top over my yellow tee was a surprise pattern addition and I loved that the look clashed so much it worked. I think that's part of the deal with a rocker style. Not only taking chances with your outfit choices, but making them work as well.

I always read about the idea of layering necklaces, and I understand the application of it, but I have never actually tried to do so. Until this outfit came together that is. I finally decided to break out of my comfort zone, as a true rock chic would, and put on two necklaces. By double looping the black necklace I created 3 layers of interest and I just loved the finished look. In the end this look was just too much for work though, and I had to loose 1 necklace, the hat and exchange the pants for a black skirt to make the outfit office appropriate. Even without my skinny jeans and my favorite hat, I still felt the necklace and plaid heels helped to make my otherwise normal outfit edgy and that is not just a look, but an attitude.
Final Evaluation: This look was fun. I was disappointed in the final outfit however. Looking at the pictures after the fact I looked more like I belong at a High School Talent show and less in front of a band with a great drummer. What the outfit was though, was a stretch from my normal choices and I liked the idea of finding little ways to make my look a little less dainty and a little more Rock N Roll.

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