Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Confessions of Shopaholic

It took far too long, but I finally got to see the movie! I read the first book the series about a year ago and just loved it. I never read any further into the series and so my love for the book just kind of stopped there. I have heard previously that the movie was very different then the book so I expected that going in. When the opening credits started to roll and I saw that the movie was based on the books Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic takes Manhattan I breathed a little easier. This movie would incorporate both plots, and I was only familiar with one which meant there were some surprises still in store for me. I was of course impressed with the wardrobe. I had expected that going in. And I loved the story line, something else I expected going in. What I absolutely loved however, was how true to life this story was. I think that all lovers of fashion would agree, that it is not always cheap enjoying different fashions, and it is certainly not always easy. Shopping really can become an addiction, and if it isn't kept in check and can really become a problem for one's bank account. On more than one occasion I have had to stop and talk myself out of buying something, and to close my eyes when I pass sale signs, because being discounted is not a reason to buy. This movie made me want to balance my checkbook, and buy new shoes all at the same time. They did a great job not only telling a story but getting a point across as well. Happiness doesn't have to be about what designer you are wearing or how much you spent on your shoes. It really is about learning to balance it all. As my ban on shopping is soon coming to an end I felt especially moved by the moral of the movie. A credit card does not a rich person make. And once the ban is lifted, I can't go back to spending with-out giving each purchase some serious thought. And nothing feels better than paying off your debt, a feel that I hope to experience as I continue to make smarter spending choices. You really can be a shopaholic and a fashionaholic and still have money left over to live.

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