Thursday, September 03, 2009

Iconic Style: Bohemian

I can honestly say that this look is the most opposite from what I am comfortable with.
I live in a world of preppy outfits, and I have never dreamed of trying a bohemian style. I have always enjoyed looking at photos of women from the 60's with their long wavy hair and their peasant tops. I have never felt drawn to try their look out however. This style was not only the hardest to wear in attitude, but it was also the hardest to pull together. My closet is largely cotton shirts and polos, lots of tight fitting pieces. Than out of the corner of my eye I saw the perfect bohemian shirt.

I have actually never worn this shirt. I got it for Christmas a few years ago, and the only thing worse than it's psychedelic pattern is the horrible
pulling the wraps all across the bust area. I heard once that it was called 'smocking'. All I know is that is is horribly unflattering for my small bust. The shirt is so crazy that it makes you squint, but with a gray vest over top it becomes a toned down bohemian look. Suddenly the pulling wasn't so apparent and the pattern became an interesting piece and not the main star of the show. I think it was largely the bell sleeves of this shirt that made me feel more bohemian. I was proud of my bohemian look, but within minutes of walking in the door, everything was upside down. The day started on the wrong foot and it took all day to fix it. I blame the shirt. There was a reason I had never worn this shirt before and that is what caused my bad karma. It was fun for the occasion but I think this shirt has a date with the local Goodwill.

My greek shoes seemed somehow appropriate for the outfit. With my jeans and shorts they seemed very greek, but when paired with this top I think they felt much more outdoorsy. I'm still surprised but how much use I've gotten out of these $10 gems.

Final Evaluation: This look is one I will probably never try again. It was hard to pull together, and while I'm happy I tried something so different than I would normally, I felt un-like myself all day. The look on me was harsh and loose tops just don't flatter my figure. Bohemian is not just a style but an attitude, and the conservative politician in me had a hard time making it work. It was a great challenge, but it will likely be left at that.


nookie said...

cute outfit!

Meli22 said...

i'm your newest follower- and I love your blog! Love your challenge to try new styles!

As I was leafing through, I noticed you don't put where some of your items come from. Would it be bad to request a little section saying where you got each piece from- ala fabfindsunder50? ; ) thanks!