Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Iconic Styles: Mission Complete

I have successfully completed my Iconic Styles Mission!

When I started my mini-challenge I wasn't sure that I would be able to. My closet just seemed so one noted and I wasn't sure how I could make my closet sing anything else. In the end I learned a lot and really got to experiment with what I have. Some lessons learned:
Gamine- Subtlety is key. Sometimes the less stuff you have, the more pulled together a look can become.
Arty Slick- Statement pieces can sometimes make an outfit. Adding a little adventure to an outfit doesn’t always mean the outfit will instantly become too much.
American Classic- Stay away from this look! I spend way too much time living in the American Classic realm. Sometimes classic just works, but if I spend too many days living in this world, I will find myself again stuck in a fashion rut.
Mod- Color Blocking can go along way. I usually think of colors in terms of how they coordinate together. Following the ideas of Mod I should not only think of them in terms of coordination, but also location.
Posh Eclectic- This look still makes me nervous, but I think will become key to my winter wardrobe. Layering with intention is how to keep from looking frumpy.
Rock N Roll- Edgy doesn’t have to scream in your face. Adding a hat, or layering some killer necklaces can make a look have a little added edge without making you look ready to grace a stage.
Bohemian- The color pallet of this look is one I normally stay away from. But sometimes earthy tones can help add peace to an outfit and give off a sense of calm.
Bombshell- Shorter skirts and thinner material does not a sexy outfit make.
European Chic- It is absolutely appropriate to always be dressed for a last minute tea party. You just never know when the queen will call.
California Casual- It is possible to dress casual and work appropriate. Office attire doesn’t always need to include heels and a skirt. Sometimes a great pair of jeans can be dressed up to look like so much more.

Each style really taught me something different about getting dressed. I don't think that my natural instinct which draw towards a more conservative look, has changed, but now I see some of my clothes in a different light and I look forward to stretching their realms of possibility. I may not have converted to a new iconic style, but I hope to find ways to make each style more a part of my every day look.
Have you ever thought of trying a different style? What tips do you use to keep your personal style fresh and new?

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Meli22 said...

awesome challenge! I like to look at pics of people who's outfits I like, add them to an 'inspirational' folder, and use it for inspiration in trying new things with stuff I have.