Thursday, September 17, 2009

A dress for thought

I have so seen so many blogger's utilizing the ' dress as a shirt' idea, or the ' skirt as a shirt' idea, but I just haven't been able to make either look work for me. Than in a stroke of genius while in the shower the other day I remembered this dress, which would work perfectly when tucked in. This cotton dress has always been a favorite of mine, but it seems to get shorter and shorter every year which means now leggings are a must. This dress never comes to work with me, ever since it is mostly reserved for great summer days off from work. I love the blue in the top however, and it's just short enough to maybe work with a skirt!

I'm really glad that I was able to make this look work. It took a lot of trying on with various skirts before I found the perfect one for the look. Besides wearing dresses as anything but, I also never tuck in my shirts. I find that the look almost never flatters my figure, which is partly why I was suspicious of this idea, but was happy to discover that with the correct pieces, the look is completely appropriate. Because the dress is loose already, instead of looking frumpy, or making me look like I had a belly, I was surprised to find that the look actually accented my frame. I was comfy all day, and secretly excited that I was able to master a look that I have always admired, but didn't think I would be able to apply to my style. Using dresses and skirts in new ways, is a great way to transition much of my closet from summer to winter.

The idea of brown and black together, is still one I'm a little weary of. I've seen so many lovely ladies pull it off before, but I can't help but to feel like together the colors are a little drab. That is until I pull these great shoes out of my closet, and I immediately remember how great the two shade can look together. These Steve Madden beauties were a gift from Johnny for Christmas 2 years ago, before the Victorian boot even came back into style. I used to reserve these shoes for only special occasions, but now I wear them as often as possible. These shoes make me smile, and sometimes a little smile can really change a rough work day around.

Dress: Charlotte Russe $10ish ( I bought this dress years ago, and don't remember the specifcs)
Skirt: Wal-mart $3
Shoes: Steve Madden gifted
Necklace: Maurices $10


eednic said...

i LOVE those shoes. amazing!

I don't think i've done the dress under a skirt thing yet. i've worn 2 dresses together. and worn a wrap dress over a skirt and shirt. this gives me ideas!!

Meli22 said...

very nice- I don't currently have any dresses I could do this with tho :( I want to try it- you make it look easy and cute!