Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Iconic Style: Gamine

The word Gamine was completely foreign to me until I started this little project. The dictionary describes Gamine as a diminutive or very slender girl, esp. one who is pert, impudent, or playfully mischievous. The fashion books describe it as being dressy and yet still able to ride a bike. Everyone agrees that Audrey Hepburn is a the perfect example of a Gamine style Icon. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.
I know that Audrey was very well known for her love of black and white. I think if she were still alive her wardrobe would still be full of these basic colors, but I think she would have attempted some interesting fabrics and patterns to bring an element of interest to any look. Many of my attempts at iconic styles brought me to wearing black pieces, the only color that fairly works best with all of the styles. I really wanted to try something completely different.

I decided that the best accessory would be pearls. Not only do a great set of pearls always class up an outfit, but they also wouldn't get caught on any potential handle bars. Keeping Ms. Hepburn in mind I really wanted the look to come off completely lady-like. Besides an A line dress and a dainty cardigan, I thought these pieces would provide a much needed addition. The necklace I received as a bridesmaids gift from a wedding I was in last year, and the bracelets are actually costume jewelry. They are strung with an elastic band and are plastic little beads. I love that they cost me almost nothing, and yet their price isn't evident by looking at them. I always keep my good jewelry for special occasions, and this is the first time this necklace has come out of it's box. Because these bracelets were so affordable, I'm never worried that they may get damaged and I wear them all the time.

If I was really going to be bike riding, than flats were a necessity. So were shorts, but I thought that wearing shorts under my dress was a bit unnecessary. I spent the whole day as if I was headed to a great afternoon picnic complete with a basket and my favorite blanket. A very lady-like picnic of course.

Final Evaluation: This look was easy to pull together from my wardrobe, and yet I had the hardest time deciding just what to wear. I think it was largely the pressure of resembling the famous Audry Hepburn that made me a little nervous. She always looked so flawless and I knew that after a day of working and errands, I would look anything but. In the end I loved the way this outfit made me feel. I think that's was my biggest challenge, capturing the feeling that a picture of Audrey Hepburn gives you.


Meli22 said...

very very cute outfit- looks great on you!

eednic said...

you look really good in the gamine garb! those yellow flats are adorable. i just got a pair in the mail last week and am already in love with them. not sure how i lived without them for so long!