Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Iconic Style: Bombshell

If I was going to attempt a Bombshell style I was going to have to wear the suede red shoes.
The rest of the outfit started out as a bit of a crap-shoot. I was the most scared to try a bombshell look, especially because I just don't do sexy well. Every piece of lingerie I have ever put on makes me look like a little girl in her mommy's closet, and whenever I try a sexy eye trick I end up looking like a goof. At the end of the day I do sexy best when I am in my normal comfortable clothes, and trying to become a modern day Marilyn Monroe was not going to be easy. I decided that the best thing to do would be to start with 1 color and stick with it. In this case, black. Everybody looks best in black and in head to toe I could hid my curves and let my heels do the talking for me.

I picked this belt up years ago and it has never seen the light of day. It's is usually just too big for my frame, but by wearing one color head to toe, the big belt really helped to break up the outfit. My biggest concern for this look was the my top was cotton and my bottom was a silky material. The color is the same but the material was clearly not. The belt helped to almost hide the fact that I was trying to pull off the image of a dress despite their being 2 different styles.

I knew the red shoes would be a must to help me pull the look together and so last minute I opted for a red necklace instead of the white I had been planning on. I wanted to keep my accessories simple though and really let the color palette do the talking for me. This necklace is made up of little plastic beads and I scooped it up a few years ago at the dollar store. It was a great find and I have more than gotten my money back from this necklace. With this outfit the red up top and on bottom helped to make the outfit more cohesive.

After dinner with some friends, I stopped at a book store to take a look at the newest book by Daniel Vosovick, Fashion Inside Out: Daniel V's Guide to How Style Happens from Inspiration to Runway and Beyond . The bookstore didn't have it in yet, but as I was walking into the store some teenage boys were wandering by. One of them started yelling towards me, " Hey lady in the dress. Lady in the sexy dress. Your shoes are sexy, your dress is sexy, come talk to us." I pretended they didn't exist, as I usually do and kept right on walking, but I was secretly happy that they thought it was a dress. I fooled them.
But may I add, if New York State says you aren't old enough to drive past 9, you certainly shouldn't be allowed to cat-call past 9 either.
Final Evaluation: This look was very scary for me. I spent the whole day re-adjusting my shirt and making sure the belt looked okay. I think I captured the essence of what a modern day bombshell would wear, but I didn't feel like a bombshell. These shoes did make me feel sexy though. I think what I learned was that sometimes it's not the outfit, that gives off a certain vibe but just one piece of the look. It's what you put around that piece that can make or break the style. I think I may try to sex up my look a little bit, but the bombshell style I will leave for special romantic occasions.

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eednic said...

the outfit turned out really well! those shoes are to die for.