Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inspiration Calendar

I was largely lacking in inspiration last week. I left for vacation early last Thursday ( which explains my blogging hiatus) so I spent the beginning of the week packing and cleaning, and getting everything in order for my 5 days off. To help me get through I turned to the trusty July Inspiration Calendar that Kim from Fab Finds puts out each month. ( www. I'm still using the one from last month and haven't updated yet, but the outdated calendar really helped me get dressed last week. One of her day's suggested crisp white pants and a blue shirt. These pants I bought years ago and they only come out about once at most twice a year. I am just not very confident in white pants. I am afraid they are a little too young for me, a little to club appropriate. I was excited at the challenge to make them office appropriate. Plus these pants feel very Miami to me, and so in an effort to try something new and get mentally prepared for vacation the white pants went to work. I purposely paired the pants with a dark blue very conservative shirt. I thought it would help balance out the look, and bring it out of the dark bar and into the office smoothly.
Even in an attempt to make the pants more adult, I couldn't help but to pair them with this bracelet. I get so much use out of this bracelet, even if it does feel a little club ready in it's own right. The necklace usually gets worn with dresses or with formal outfits so I thought the pairing of the two might work well together. I liked the look over all and liked pushing the envelope of what is and isn't work appropriate.

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