Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Breaking the Ban

I am a little unsure about if my purchase last night broke my ban. My plan for the ban was that I can not purchase any un-necessary items. While my primary ban is on Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry, I have also banned myself from purchasing items for the apartment, or future house. This includes utensils, antiques, decorating items and furniture. No books or magazine's either. The whole point is that I tend to spend money on things that I don't necessarily need. My house is furnished and full of lots of great vintage pieces. My closet is over-flowing with clothes and my jewelery racks are full. We all know I have more than enough shoes. My bookcases are still full of books both read and not yet gotten to. I have no need to buy items that do not fit into the main categories of living Food- Shelter- Warmth. Last week when I heard from a family friend that they had a Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring that they were giving away from free I couldn't help but to jump at the chance to take it. Not only was the furniture free, but my full size mattress started showing springs just last week. It was perfect timing as this new mattress came my way just as the scratches on my back were starting to heal. Not only was I upgrading my sleeping arrangements but I was doing so free of cost! Perfect.... until I realized that I don't have any sheets to fit. I decided that buying a fitted sheet was necessary for not only the comfort factor, but because I'm an adult women, and not a pre-pubescent boy and prefer to sleep on a bed with sheets :) Even though I was able to justify this purchase, that didn't mean I wanted to spend an absurd amount of money on sheets just yet. Because this is summer I don't sleep on the sheet anyways. I sleep on top of the comforter with a quilt over top. When it starts to get colder out, after my ban I may treat myself to some great sheets, but for now 1 fitted sheet will work just fine. I had good timing too. For Back To School Wal-mart marked all of their bedding on sale and I was able to grab a light blue sheet for $9. I didn't mind spending the $9 and while for a few moments I had 2 sheets in hand ( who can say no to $9?) I quickly decided that I was spending money on an extra thing I didn't need, and that is not only a waste of money but a complete break of ban. $9 dollars later I have a new fitted sheet, a new mattress and a new box spring! Oh Happy Day!!

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