Friday, July 31, 2009

Go Syracuse! or Gators! or Mets!

I am an avid reader of the fabulous ladies at They are always putting together outfits with such thought, and that I can often mimic. They are always a source of dressing inspiration. Once my skirt was completed I was so excited to wear that, and I was even more excited when I saw them talking about complementary colors. For one day last week in fact, they all wore Orange and Blue! In a blog entry last week, E talked about her fear of bright orange and blues that resemble sport team colors.( As I was reading this I started to think about how the only orange I own is this shirt, so I am often dressing in sports colors! I have an affinity for bright colors so many of my outfits look like they were picked out of a crayon box. What E really got me thinking about though, was how for as often as I unintentionally dress is team colors, no one in my office has ever made any mention of it. This fact is even funnier when I mention that my bosses are die-hard Met's fan's with season tickets each year. Two of our employees are huge Syracuse fan's who proudly wear their sweaters year round, and my co-worker is a sports nut. If he isn't talking work, he's talking sports and sports of any kind. Working with so many men, I'm not surprised they don't notice much of what I wear but I am surprised none of them notice me displaying their teams colors. I decided to test this theory by sporting my 'new' navy blue skirt, bright orange shirt and my favorite teal shoes. Not a mention. No-one was the wiser.

I love wearing different shades of the same color, and decided that my teal shoes would be a great pairing with my navy blue skirt. I'm surprised to have found how much actually matches with these shoes, including this necklace. This is another Lia Sophia find, that had a matching bracelet until one fateful day in which a little snap caused lots of turquoise little beads to go flying. I must admit I had completely forgotten about this necklace until I was about to leave the house. I was shuffling through my necklaces deciding what to wear this little beauty sneaked a peek from the back. The colors were just too perfect not to pair together.

I really liked the teal with the navy. I feel like together they helped to emphasize each other's color. I also think that it may have been this play on a variety of blue's that caused my sport support to go completely unnoticed.
After work, Johnny and I had some tickets to see Rent, whose traveling performance was passing through town. We got great seats, and while I have seen the movie a number of times I have never gotten to see the performance. Johnny likes to say he has seen the play more than 3 times and less than 9. What he means is, he grew up in the city where plays are a dime a dozen. Even still he agreed to go with me. I so wanted to keep my comfortable skirt in. My concern of course, was the air conditioning in the theatre. Instead of a full outfit change I just grabbed my khakis and did a quick change. I'm glad I did too. I spent most of the night huddling next to Johnny in my hooded sweatshirt smiling at the stage. It was a fantastic show. And none of the theatre go-ers noticed my sports team colors either. I guess out of context the effect just isn't as bold as one would assume.


Clare said...

I love this color combo, too! You pull it off beautifully, and I LOVE your "new" skirt!

Kari said...

I think the colors work well! Part of what probably helps is that you are echoing the bright blue at either end of your body, and you also have a neutral in between to add more interest.

I love how the Academichic ladies showcase such inventive and instructive tutorials on color combinations. They have definitely inspired me to break out my internal Crayola box while I'm getting dressed. I had no idea that I could wear as many bright colors as I have been during the last several months.