Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Big Brother Attire

Some friends of mine, and I absolutely love Big Brother. My aunt introduced me to it a few seasons ago and I was almost immediately hooked. Now I spend all year waiting for the summer for the new season to begin. Well the time has finally come! As much as I love the show, it is quite the commitment. It is on 3 nights a week, for an hour each episode. I love being able to enjoy the show so often in a week, but it becomes very hard to keep up-to-date. This year, my friends and I decided to get smart and enjoy a Big Brother evening. We save all of the episodes for 1 night each week. Every Wednesday we get together at each other's houses rotating each week. They bring dinner one week while I provide drinks at my house and than the next week dinner is on me with drinks their responsibility at their place.

The tomboy in me ( who am I kidding, I don't have an ounce of tom boy in me!) ... The tomboy I always wished I was as a kid sometimes sneaks out in my love of t-shirts and jeans. I will always remember in high school, when a close guy friend of mine announced that girls always looked much hotter in a hoodie in jeans than they ever did in high heels and a dress. While I can't say that I necessarily think I look at my peak in my casual outfits, I will almost always choose to wear them over dresses. Especially when it comes to a night full of television and pizza. There is no occasion as special as the night I look forward to all week.

Even though I threw on my jeans and a T-shirt as soon as I got home, I just can't shake the fashionista in me. So my white flats and a matching necklace made a great addition. I have a few different cotton t-shirts, mostly from various places I've visited. I specifically make sure I always buy one that I will get a lot of use out of and that has something interesting about it. Ocean City Maryland is the home of my vacation week each summer, and hopefully where I will be spending a week starting in just a few days. For now I will wear my bright yellow shirt, enjoy my pizza and my white shoes and take in all of the Big Brother Drama.

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